Combination lock on a self storage door.

Physical Security

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Alert2 can supply and fit a huge range of products to increase the physical security of your home and business premises.

With enough time and the right tools, the most determined thief will take your property. Fact.

However, the sight of extra physical security measures will put off all but the most determined thief. Combined with an Alarm or CCTV, you will always be one step ahead. Giving you time to inform the police or site security.

Check out some of the products we supply or contact us to arrange a personalised quote for the products you require.

Example Packages

Subject to survey - Prices include installation and VAT


Fence/Wall Spikes

Deter access over your wall or fence with this legal alternative to barbed wire


£ - - -


Outbuilding Locks

Upgrade your existing outbuilding locks with our range of bolts, hasp and staples or barn door locks


£ - - -


Ground Anchors

Our range of high strength floor or wall anchors provide a secure fixing point to lock your bike, mower, ladders or anything else!


£ - - -